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what a cocky piece of shit


Commission for apologija of their human Kurloz! Just two left, then I’ll see about re-opening after finals are done.

((still on hiatus but just had to show this amazing commission momo did of my kurloz. aaaahhhhhh amaze))

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==> Kurloz: Surprise Human Alternate


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Kurloz watched with mild interest as the troll explored his room, vaguely wondering if the other’s more dickish side might rear its ugly head and he’d end up with a broken disc or two, but it never became a point of concern. If the situations were reversed Kurloz knew he’d have no intention of such destructive behaviour, at least, not right now, and he felt confident the other would express similar feelings.

So he just took a seat on the bed, legs cocked out lazily and leaning back on one gloved hand while the other took stock of his room and belongings. It was the perfect opportunity for Kurloz to continue his own scouting, and his eyes flickered to the trolls horns (they were rather impressive) to check out the more “abnormal” physical aspects of his doppelganger. When Kurloz approached and then sat upon the bed, it made it far easier to scope out the details of their anatomical discrepancies. His idle survey didn’t get very far once the familiar yet wholly alien voice oozed over the expanse of his mind.

He did his best not to jump but his fingers did twitch as his gaze shifted from horns to hues that flashed and churned within the other’s eyes. That was him then? Kurloz wasn’t sure if it was a two way street and thus he raised his hands to sign, doing his best to try and keep from looking unnerved by the honestly rather disturbing development. He wasn’t fully succeeding; this was too alien and unexpected, an experience far beyond what his comfortable, human life had ever prepared him for, and it was difficult gauging how to react.


He could feel his palms starting to sweat beneath the gloves. Shit.

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==> Kurloz: Surprise Human Alternate


Really, if Kurloz wanted to touch his alternate’s stitches, all he had to do was ask. The troll wouldn’t deny him of such, considering he was as curious as the human, hence why he was here in the first place. In any case, the troll noticed how much the other focused on his person, though it wasn’t like he wasn’t doing the same. He stared at the other, studied his mannerisms, his expressions closely—despite keeping a calm facade hidden behind a friendly smile, he could see the scrutiny in the other’s dark eyes.

Wow, they were alike in so many ways, yet different at the same time.

Time to do a little exploring then, as the other welcomed further into his human hive. The troll bowed at the other rather comically (respect? mockery? the world might never know) before he stepped through the doorway, ducking to avoid his horns hitting against the door frame as his eyes scanned their surroundings. He followed his human alternate to whatever room of the human  hive that they were head toward, all while taking in all the curious sights. Every time he came to Earth (or alternate versions of it) he saw things that caught his interest, or just stuff he’s never seen before. Human Kurloz should expect a few question on mundane objects that troll Kurloz found.

Like Kurloz would sink to asking. That would be far, far too easy and Kurloz had no interest in taking the simple route in dealing with such urges.

Regardless they seemed to be coming to the same conclusions— both of them were devastatingly similar despite the drastic cultural differences they had been raised in. There was still a core deep down beneath the varying flesh they bore that remained unchanged. It was kind of eerie, watching someone that was the very embodiment of deja vu, who experienced things you never had, yet still possessed a cloying familiarity that simultaneously frustrated and intrigued. For someone as vain as Kurloz he had considered himself unique, but reality always had a way of crushing the unwary.

Even despite his mixed emotions, Kurloz found it strangely exhilarating and the urge to touch the other was mounting as the visit progressed. Luckily he had sufficient willpower to keep from trespassing over those boundaries.

It was his own bedroom Kurloz ended up leading the other Kurloz towards, passing by a few closed doors along the way in the rather sizable hiv— house, until they finally reached the only other open door and the troll ushered in.

It was a large room with a king size bed, something that was necessary to handle his creeping height, but it did not look out of place in the large room. On one side a veritable mountain of clothes sat upon the floor near an empty hamper cruelly deprived of its only purpose, and next to that were shelves. A lot of shelves. There were books, movies, games, various macabre knick knacks and other things, along with posters (horror movies, clowns, rap groups, video games, black metal bands and other creepy subjects) plastering nearly the entirety of Kurloz’s walls. Over the windows were draping, purple curtains and the smell of both sage and pot clung to the entirety of the room in a sweet and skunky haze.

In the room was also a desk with Kurloz’s laptop on it, an entertainment center with sizable TV and a PS3, along with a stereo and everything else a young boy who was given an extravagant allowance could want. Too bad the allowance was merely a way to keep him out of his dead father’s hair when he wasn’t needed rather than a benevolent offering.

The squiddles Jade brought were scattered across the bed (with quite a few staged near his pillows, betraying the fact that Kurloz really was /very/ fond of the creepy cute clowny things) and on the various clothes dressers (also cruelly deprived of their purpose since his clean clothes formed another pile in his open closet) was his impressive collection of hygiene products along with his greasepaint.

Kurloz invited … The other Kurloz to sit down on either the bed or the desk, his head tilted and a hand extended to gesture at either, though sitting was merely a suggestion rather than an order. His alternate would be free to wander if that struck his interest instead.

M!A: Kurloz is a troll for 2 days

((sorry unless i get something REALLY intriguing i’m not going to do magic anons. i feel most of the time they are just a shortcut to solving problems in rp and lazy character development. like this one is kind of interesting but at the same time it just also cancels out kurloz’s slow adjustments to “oh hey aliens exist” and everything else.))

==> Kurloz: Surprise Human Alternate


He grinned as the world was spelled out. He would probably go through the same trouble as well just to include that word into his signing. If he could make sign language just as mirthful as the way he typed or communicated through chucklevoodoos, he would be a very pleased troll. However, that wasn’t’ quite possible with sign language, so he just made due.

While the other opened his mouth and showed him his mutilation, Kurloz’s own eyebrows rose up with interest. It was obvious this was not down with any sort of sharp aiding tool, and noticing just how flat the other’s teeth were, he knew it must’ve been a very messy event. At least he had his sharp teeth to help him out with it, so needless to say, Kurloz was impressed with his human counterpart.

:IMPRESSIVE, M-O-T-H-E-R-F-U-C-K-E-R. I DID THE SAME TO MYSELF.: He points out. As impressive as he might think the human is there was no way he would let him one up him. He was one proud asshole in any case. He wondered why was the reason that he did it, however. Considering he was human and probably didn’t share the same religion (or did they?) he didn’t think there was a possibility for their reasons to be alike. However, he decided not to ask that, mostly because he didn’t want to share his own story with Kurloz, alternate or not. At least, not yet. 

Too bad since Kurloz /was/ a human that meant his attempts to excise it nearly killed him— he couldn’t lose blood quite like Kurloz could and still walk away from it. Luckily enough he was found before he could bleed out completely, but it was still a rather risky maneuver.

His alternate’s approval was strangely fulfilling and it was a genuine struggle to keep any of the smugness from leaking into his demeanour. Somehow he managed it, mostly by focusing on the troll before him. /GOD/ he wanted to touch the stitches and he wasn’t entirely sure why.

:THEN WE ARE IN COMMUNION, BROTHER.: Kurloz didn’t step closer to the other, and rather away as he gestured towards the open door, with one arm, bowing slightly at his waist to invite the troll deeper into his house. Kurloz had a little trouble with the doors as it was, so there was no doubt that the other would have to duck to get through most of the doorways. If they were going to… Well, do whatever it is alternates did together, they could at least do it from the comfort of Kurloz’s room.